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Do you want to consign with us?

For first time consignors an appointment is REQUIRED so we can go over everything with you!
If scheduled appointments are preferred, please call the store! 
Bins are dropped off and must be picked up the following day. Drop off is Monday-Friday up until 1 hour before closing
Our consignment guidelines for Clothing and Shoes: 
  • No limit on how much you bring in at a time for sizes 2T and above
  • Clothing must current styles (no more than 5 years old)
  • We will only accept items in CLEAN bins, inside and outside, WITH LIDS ATTACHED, NO bags (including reusable bags) or boxes 
  • Please freshly laundered within the past week and have items folded neatly in the bin with the lid attached (nothing inside out)
  • Shoes must be clean, free of odor and in almost perfect condition. If they are dirty please clean them off before bringing them in

For infant clothing infant up to 24 months:

Limited to one 18 gallon bin a month

If you do not want any No Thank You items back, your bins DO NOT need lids on them and we will transfer your items into our bins and donate any items we cannot accept. *Items must still be in bins or laundry baskets, NO bags or boxes accepted.
If you would like any unsold items back at the end of your term you need to come in and pull your items. You have the 14 days prior to and including your pickup date to come in and pull. We will provide the pickup date by email when your items are priced and on our sale's floor.


Buy Out Right: This option is for store credit only (cannot be cashed out) and is by appointment (can take up to an hour please set aside the time to wait), you can bring the items in either laundry baskets or bins, 2 bins (18 gallon)/laundry baskets MAX. We go through the items you brought in and select the items we want to purchase from you. The credit will go onto your account and is available to spend immediately or you can save it for a future shopping trip!

For toys we only accept brand new still sealed in the package/with tags attached and they can be brought in any day we are open no limit or appointment needed (unless you are a first time consignor) up until one hour before we close.
***Excluding the brand new factory tag, Please remove all consignment store/sale tags, including previous Lovely Lady Bugs tags***
We are looking for the best quality items to bring into the store to give everyone the best shopping experience!
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